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We provide our pro-forma probate letters in three formats for your convenience. For users with Microsoft Word we provide a formatted letter template (.doc). For users who do not have Microsoft Word please click on the unformatted (.txt) link. To view a sample of the letter template click on the sample link.

NOTE: When downloading the document if you see a message box saying 'Enter Network Password' press the Cancel button. Do not attempt to enter a name or password. This is a bug in some versions of the Microsoft operating system. The downloaded document or spreadsheet will by default open another browser window. If you wish to use the native interface of MS Word or MS Excel simply go to File, Save As and save the document, close the browser window and re-open the file with MS Word or MS Excel.

Letter Template MS Word Text Format Sample
Bank/Building Society Valuation bbsltr.doc bbsltr.txt Sample Letter (html)
Life Insurance Policy Valuation inspolltr.doc inspolltr.txt Sample Letter (html)
Company Pension Termination penltr.doc penltr.txt Sample Letter (html)
Annuity Termination annltr.doc annltr.txt Sample Letter (html)
Share Holding Confirmation regltr.doc regltr.txt Sample Letter (html)
ISA/PEP/Bond Valuation isapepltr.doc isapepltr.txt Sample Letter (html)
Opening a Bank Account for managing Probate Assets acctopenltr.doc acctopenltr.txt Sample Letter (html)
Distribution of Assets (With Will) distwill.doc distwill.txt Sample Letter (html)
Distribution of Assets (Intestate) distint.doc distint.txt Sample Letter (html)
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